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Week 06




The entire project 1 is due 2/29/2012

Let's review the materials you'll need to be turning in.

  1. Written Project Plan
    1. Detailing what your project is, who it is for, the goals (or why), and what you will be using to develop the project (ideally)
  2. Any relevant data or links you collected along the way
  3. Web examples of inspiration you used
  4. Proof of color and font choices
  5. Wire-frame and Mock-up (rough mock-up is appropriate for this assignment)
    1. Complete with any drawings, sketches that you may have made in preparation
  6. Any copy that was written for the website
  7. And then obviously the website itself

An appropriate way to turn all of this in would be a google doc that contains all of the following items except for your site, and then your zipped up root folder for your website.  Both of these can be emailed to me (the link to the google doc, and the zipped root folder).

Email me with any questions.
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Jun 4, 2012, 8:32 AM