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Week 03


Week 3 Assignment

For your assignment this week, I am going to ask you to re-create a couple of flags from countries around the world.  You will be using HTML for your structure, CSS for your background colors and placement.  Be sure to create a new root folder for each country.  For example, if you create an Irish flag, then create a root folder named" YOURLASTNAME_irish_root" and place all needed files in that folder.  Then when you create your next "flag" start over with a new root folder.  

Be sure to look back at the links and tutorials listed on weeks 1 and 2, as well as those listed on the MED390 wiki main page.

This assignment is due: February 6th, 2012 at the beginning of class.  

Here are some flags to choose from.  Pick two to re-create.  If you choose a flag not represented here, be sure to include a link to the image so I know what flag you are re-creating. If your chosen flag has an image, you can attempt to place that image in the appropriate spot, but you are also welcome to not include the image and instead focus on the fields of color.  

Egyptian Flag

Irish Flag

Japanese Flag

Indian Flag

American Flag

Hints:  If I were you, I would start each new flag page with a div#wrapper that had a set width of say 960px, and a set height of 480px, I would center that wrapper using our margin rule (margin: 0 auto;).  This wrapper will be the start to your flag and will contain all the color fields that you may need. From there I would figure out how many different div tags I might need inside that wrapper to create the design of the flag.  Once I had created them and named them appropriately (most likely with "id" instead of "class") I would write rules for them in the css that gave each box a background color that corresponded to the map I was attempting to re-create.