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Week 04





Themes of Contemporary Art - Time - See the attachments at the bottom of the page.


Photoshop Tutorials


For your second project you will be addressing "Time".  I know I said something earlier about Rhythm, but I think this makes more sense, plus it goes hand in hand with your reading.  

For this assignment you will create three unique works using any medium you wish, but I strongly encourage you to try a few different ones.  For example, you could create an image, a video, and a piece of audio, something interactive... etc.  

Your subject matter can also vary.  Time again is really broad.  You could address the presence of time, the passage of time, timelessness, times lost, the past, the future, presence (being in the moment), nostalgia (which is in direct correlation with time) contemporary times, historical times, cultural time.... all kinds of different takes on time.  

I really want you to pour yourself into this project.  Don't just start the night before.  Again, this is about time, so if you wish to truly document time (capture it), that's hard to do in a single evening.  Think about your use of time, or awareness of time, in your own life.  

Your three projects are due: February 29th, 2012
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