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Week 08



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DUE: APRIL 4, 2012

The Body - For this project you will create 3 original pieces that directly or indirectly deal with the theme of "the body".  Your reading should help with the process of brainstorming, but you should  be aware from the beginning that the body has many forms.  Humans as a collective are a body, the body politic is a metaphor that refers to a group of people (most usually a nation or culture) that operate as a corporation, or a human body.  (Corporation being in it's loosest terms a cooperation of different parts to achieve a unified goal).  We also obviously have the human body, and with all its organic functions, complexities, societal associations, and cultural connotations, it is rife with material for this project... cultural expectations, body image, identity in relationship to the body, mortality, etc.  All of these are fair game.  

Your three works can be separate or part of a whole, your choice.